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Loop Card Customisations

Loop Card Customisations

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1 for long lasting!
Minimum quantity of Loop card can be 1. You can share your multiple identities in one card. Loop card is the last business card you will ever need!

Fast delivery
Your order will be prepared and delivered within 2-3 working days after we receive your design.

What is Loop Card
LOOP connected is a revolutionary way to exchange and manage contacts for individuals and companies. Quickly capture and store contact information with one single tap with NFC technology. Share your digital business card with others and network with ease.

From individuals, businesses to event organizers, Loop Connect is here to help. We offer a space for like-minded communities to meet and a second chance for people to reconnect after events. Quickly find the right contact or company with powerful search and sorting options. Plus, LOOP is completely secure and private, so you can be sure that your information is kept safe and secure.

Loop, professionally connected.

Buy More. Save More.
Buying for a business or team? Get an even better hardware discount and additional functionality at

10-24 units = 15% off
25-49 units = 20% off
50-99 units = 25% off
100-249 units = 30% off
250+ units = 35% off

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Networking beyond exchanging business cards
No more missed networking opportunities with Loop!
Share your profile, work and interest with everyone in just one tap!
Your interaction don’t just stop there! Message your new connections anytime, anywhere. With instant performance and insight reporting, improve upon accurate data after every new encounter. Let LOOP to widen your network without hassle, take your networking to the next level.
Your card, your choice
A card that fits your style and personal branding, unlimited opportunity with just one single tap. Your brand is your reputation. Control your own narrative, leave the best impression to every room you walk in. Switch your profile and show the best side of yourself with just one click. Unlock your greatest potential and the utmost confidence with Loop. You do the talking, let LOOP do the rest.
Save Time, Money and Trees
Save our planet with one LOOP card at a time. Over 7 million trees are being cut down each year for paper business cards and almost 90% of those cards are thrown away within a week. Join us on this paperless networking revolution.
A durable, re-usabale, paperless card that linked to your constantly up-to-date profile. Make Loop the last card you ever need. Go green - for a better tommorrow.
Customer Reviews
  • “As someone who is constantly in and out of networking events, it’s only common sense to give Loop a try. There’s no more running out of business cards and missed potential connections! No more receiving hundreds of business cards and saving the numbers one by one” - Bill Tang, Sales manager
  • “As a business that attend hundreds of networking events every year, it is refreshing to see a smart solutions for networking. No more letting the conversation stop after exchanging business cards. Loop also provides a performance report to track engagement and results for each networking event we attend.”
  • “With the easy-to-use platform on Loop, it saved us a lot of time and energy on printing new business cards for new employees, or wasting out-of-date business cards! The platform is user-friendly where it takes a few click to manage employees profile and company informations. The platform also provides instant performance report where it gave a lot of useful insights to our company”
  • The best feature of Loop is definitely able to re-connect with connections I have met in networking events. It also super easy to share my profile with one simple tap. I also enjoy having the ability to switch and customise my profile with one click. It is a simple to use platform to meet new potential clients with new job opportunities and likeminded people like me.” - Jessica, freelancer / slasher
  • “As much as having a digital platform to display my achievements are great, I was also impressed by the loop card quality. The card is sturdy, and I don’t have to be afraid anymore for my cards to be wrinkle or cards running out.”
  • “I want to shout out to the Loop Customer service and design team for customising our company cards - it saves us a lot of time and the customisation was an easy process.”